About Us

We are an end-to-end design firm making strikingly SMART HOME AUTOMATION products for smart homes.

SMARTLIFE CONTROLS has obtained its name as one of the famous and trustworthy brand across India. It is India’s Fastest Growing Smart Home Automation Company.



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Connect with us



Our story

As a professional IOT manufacturer, we are committed to providing innovative high quality smart products. Continuous improvement has always been our core business. And Customer satisfaction our aim.

Smartlifecontrols aim to make technology more accessible to all income groups, we at Smartlifecontrols try to automate as many homes as possible. Our reasonably priced solutions make managing small tasks/ chores around the house a breeze.

Along with high end features and the simplicity of operation, Smartlife controls can be accessed and monitored remotely, allowing you to have peace of mind at all times. We provide intelligent hardware and software to make life simpler. Unlike other solutions in the market that are used only for a single purpose, Smartlife controls brings to the customer an amalgamation of machine-to-machine, IoT and smart systems. Empowering connection and control across digital and physical barriers along with harnessing the profound potential of the IoT through end-to-end services and advanced platforms.